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Updated February 1, 2015

Greenhouse Gas News

beach 1st February 2014 El Nino Modiki
Wenju Cai and colleagues at CSIRO in Australia have warned that an enhanced greenhouse effect is likley to increase the frequency of extreme La Nina events in the Pacific Ocean.

fire 1st February 2014 Woodland Carbon
Robert Bailis and colleagues at Yale, USA, have assessed the carbon footprint of woodfuels in the tropics and suggest that more efficient cook stoves could cut emissions worth $1billion a year.

money 1st February 2014 Differentiated Impacts
Frances Moore and Delavane Diaz at Stanford, USA, have examined the economic impacts of projected climate change, showing that warming substantially slows GDP growth in poor regions.

sun 12th December 2014 Loaded Dice
Nikolaos Christidis and colleagues at the UK's Met Office have shown how the chance of dangerous heatwaves in Europe has now increased to twice per decade.

green stream 25th November 2014 Climate Fix
Researchers from Leeds, Bristol and Oxford Universities in the UK have concluded that climate engineering techniques could put billions of people at risk.

ice melt 25th November 2014 Methane Slumps
Ake Naute and colleagues at Wageningen University in the Netherlands have shown how warming of permafrost and vegetation changes in the Arctic may alter methane fluxes.

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