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Updated July 13, 2015

Greenhouse Gas News

nitrogen book 13th July 2015 Nitrogen and Climate
Dave Reay of the University of Edinburgh and editor of has released the new book Nitrogen and Climate Change with publishers Palgrave Macmillan.

flowers 13th July 2015 Bee Line
Jeremy Kerr and colleagues at the University of Ottawa have reported that climate change has drastically reduced the range of bumblebees in Europe and North America.

contrails 13th July 2015 Flight Control
Kristopher Karnauskas and colleagues at Woods Hole, USA, have revealed how aviation may itself be affected by climate change due to changes in weather patterns and air flows.

farm 10th June 2015 Sweet and Sour
Alexis Bell and colleagues at the University of California, USA, have developed a new sugar cane-derived biofuel system that has the potential for use as a liquid aviation fuel.

fire 10th June 2015 Stern Test
Nicholas Stern and colleagues at the London School of Economics have highlighted the progress being made in reducing Chinese carbon emissions. China's emissions could start to decline with a decade.

computer 10th June 2015 Australian Rules
A new study by Reputex has warned that Australian greenhouse gas reduction targets may yield little real change due to national emissions projections being greatly overstated.


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Nitrogen and Climate Change

climate change begins at home

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