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Updated November 26, 2014

Greenhouse Gas News

green stream 25th November 2014 Climate Fix
Researchers from Leeds, Bristol and Oxford Universities in the UK have concluded that climate engineering techniques could put billions of people at risk.

ice melt 25th November 2014 Methane Slumps
Ake Naute and colleagues at Wageningen University in the Netherlands have shown how warming of permafrost and vegetation changes in the Arctic may alter methane fluxes.

leaves 25th November 2014 Land use Leakage
Alexander Popp and colleagues at the Postdam Institute in Germany have warned that efforts to tackle defoestation may lead to increased carbon losses from non-forest areas.

ship 8th September 2014 Pacific Cooling
Masahiro Watanabe and colleagues at the Unoversity of Tokyo have identified a strong role of cooling in the equatorial Pacific in limiting global temperature increases over recent decades.

smoke 8th September 2014 Carbon Win-Wins
Tammy Thompson and colleagues at MIT have identified very large human health and financial co-benefits of US carbon reduction policies via improved air quaility.

eggs 8th September 2014 Food for Thought
Bojana Bajželj and colleagues at the University of Cambridge, UK, have shown how the expansion of global agriculture could be limited through improved food demand management.

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