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Updated December 20, 2015

Greenhouse Gas News

sun 20th December Paris Climate Pact
The COP21 meeting in Paris has succeeded in reaching agreement on how to tackle climate change after 2020. The historic deal includes mechanisms for increasing emissions cuts and financing.

exhaust 20th December Carbon Copy
Global carbon dioxide emissions in 2015 are likely to be the same as those in 2014 according to a new analysis in Nature Climate Change. It is unclear whether this is a short term hiatus.

flame 20th December Negative Net Emissions
Pete Smith, of Aberdeen University, and colleagues have quantified the potential for negative net emissions techniques, such as biomass-burning carbon capture and storage.

sky 2nd November Budget Breaker
The United Nations have warned that current national plans for emissions reductions submitted in adavnce of the Paris climate conference are insufficient to prevent over 2 degrees of warming.

baked earth 2nd November Pressure Cooker
Jeremy Pal and Elfaith Eltahir of MIT, US, have identified areas of extreme heat stress risk to human health with future climate change in the Arabian Gulf region.

soil 2nd November Eroding Sinks
Adrian Chappell and colleagues at CSIRO in Australia have assessd the imporantance of soil erosion in carbon stocks, fluxes and sinks. They highlight its global significance for climate change mitigation.


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climate change begins at home

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