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Updated March 21, 2014

Greenhouse Gas News

ice melt 21st March 2014 Mass Balance
Shfaqat Khan and colleagues at the Technical University of Denmark have found that regional warming has triggered ice loss from the northeast Greenland ice sheet.

crops 21st March 2014 Popcorn
Andy Challinor and international colleagues have reported that yields of key crops such as wheat and maize may decrease in many areas with 2 degrees C or more of temperature rise.

sun 24th February 2014 Heat Loss
Valerie Mueller and colleagues at the International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington have found a link between increasing heat stress and human migration patterns in Pakistan.

surface 24th February 2014 Black and White
Dian Siedel and colleagues at NOAA in the US have shown that the geoengineering of Earth's albedo to reduce warming may be impossible to detect and so manage effectively.

fish face 24th February 2014 Fish Farming
Manuel Barange and colleagues at Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK, have assessed the impacts of climate change across 60% of global fisheries. They highlight the role of aquaculture in meeting demand.

cloud 3rd January 2014 Cloudy Issue
Steven Sherwood and colleagues at the University of New South Wales have suggested that Earth's climate is more sensitive to higher carbon dioxide concentrations than previously thought.

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