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Updated April 17, 2015

Greenhouse Gas News

sun 17th April 2015 Climate Engineering
Ken Caldeira at the Carnegie Institute in Stanford has warned that climate engineering using sulphate aerosols may far-reaching consequences for agricultural production globally.

ship 17th April 2015 Acid Extinction
Rachel Wood and colleagues at the University of Edinburgh have shown how oceans became much more acidic 250 million years ago, with a rate of increase in CO2 similar to that occuring today.

rock 17th April 2015 Geothermal Hunt
Carla Braitenberg and colleagues at the University of Trieste have succesfuly mapped Earth's gravity using the GOCE satellite with a view to identifying ideal areas for geothermal energy production.

star 1st April 2015 New US Climate Target
The United States has confirmed its new climate change target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 26-28 percent by the year 2025, ahead of the next UN climate meeting in Paris in December.

leaves 1st April 2015 Greenest Masters Ever?
Dave Reay and colleagues at the University of Edinburgh have launched a new online MSc in Carbon Management. Entirely delivered via distance learning it may well be the greenest Masters ever.

trees 1st April 2015 Carbon Stock Taking
Yi Liu an colleagues at the University of New South Wales, Australia, have provided a global stock take of changes in aboveground biomass and carbon over the last two decades.

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climate change begins at home

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