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Sources of N2O

The Oceans
The Atmosphere
Tropical soils
Temperate soils
Agricultural soils
Biomass burning
Livestock and feed Transport

Sinks for N2O
Stratosphere + others

Nitrous oxide News

eggs 14th May 2012 Food For Thought
Dave Reay, of Edinburgh University and GHGonline, and colleagues in Europe and the US have estimated the large greenhouse gas emissions cuts made possible by reducing food waste.

. cows 14th July 2004 Historic Hint
David Beerling and colleagues at Sheffield and Bristol Universities, have cited the role that the non-carbon dioxide gases, like methane and nitrous oxide, played in past global warming and warned about ignoring them.

Dave Reay 28th July 2003 Lettuce Tunnel Science editor Dave Reay, talks to BBC Radio 4's 'Leading Edge' program about nitrous oxide and current efforts to better quantify emissions of this powerful greenhouse gas from agriculture.

sunlit leaves 28th April 2003 Water Gardens
Richard Betts of the Hadley Centre, UK, has warned of the effects of elevated carbon dioxide on soil water levels. Less water loss from plants may mean more flooding and more GHG emission from soils.

Selected Papers

van Vliet et al.
Enchytraeids and nitrous oxide flux in soils

Wrage et al.
Inhibiting nitrous oxide production by nitrifiers using acetylene and oxygen

Hao et al.
C-N balance and nitrous oxide emissions during cattle manure composting

Simek et al.
Nitrous oxide emission from red clover and ryegrass

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