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Sources of CH4

The Oceans
Waste Treatment
Rice agriculture
Biomass burning

Sinks for CH4

Methane News

sheep 11th October Mulling Methane
Patrick Crill and Brett Thornton, of Stockholm University, have reviewed the current state-of-the-art on methane science. They highlight emerging knowledge on its sources and sinks around the world.

fire 30th November 2013 Short and Sweet
Neil Bowerman and colleagues at the University of Oxford, UK, have assessed the climate change mitigation potential of reducing emissions of methane and black carbon.

stream 26th April 2013 Greenhouse Feedbacks
Ben Stocker and colleagues at the University of Bern have predicted that climate change induces significant positive feedbacks in emissions of both methane and nitrous oxide.

rice 29th October 2012 Rice Methane Feedback
Kees Jan van Groeningen of Trinity College Dublin and colleagues in the US, have projected an increase in methane emissions from rice cultivation in response to future climate change.

Selected Papers

Scheutz and Kjeldsen
Environmental factors and the attenuation of methane emissions from landfill

Scheutz et al.
Attenuating methane emissions from landfill using cover soils

Hao et al.
C-N balance and methane emissions during cattle manure composting

Nakano et al.
Measuring trace gas flux using closed chamber measurements

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